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Нигерийските наследници на милиони

с ново местоположение – Кот д’Ивоар

Снощи получавам имейл:
I am so happy for your health may almighty God be
with you by understanding this message.
I want to
tell you that I really want to been relationship
with you. Though we’ve not met before now but it
takes one day for two to be together in unity and
peaceful life, I’m Miss Safia Ibrahim the only
child/daughter of late Mrs Mariam Ibrahim Address:
Rue 142 Marcory Abidjan Coted’ivoire West Africa.
I am 20years old girl. I lost my parent, and I have
an inheritance from my late mother, My parents were
very wealthy farmers and cocoa merchant when they
were alive, After the death of my father, long ago,
my mother was controlling his business until she was
poisoned by her business associates which she
suffered and died. Before the death of my mother on
October 2007 in a private hospital here in
Coted’ivoire where she was admitted, she secretly
called me on her bed side and disclosed to me about
the sum of Eight million five hundred US dollars
($8.5million) she left in suspense account in one of
the bank here in Abidjan.
It was the money she intended to transfer oversea
for investment before her sudden death,She also
instructed me that I should seek for a foreign
partner in any country of my choice who will assist
me transfer this money in oversea account where the
money will be save and invested wisely, Because of
the current political problem here in Ivory Coast I
decided to transfer the money to abroad where it
will be save and invested, therefore, I am crying
and seeking for your kind assistance in the
following ways:
(1) To provide a safe bank account into where the
money will be transferred for investment.
(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am
only 20 years old.
(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your
country to further my education and to secure a
resident permit for me in your country.
I have decided to offer you 20% of the total amount
for your willingness to help me, Please kindly
response to my mail immediately with your full
personal information, telephone number so that I can
call and speak with you on the telephone.
Thanks for your understanding.
Miss Safia Ibrahim

Позната отдавна история. Чудното е, че съм чел за хванали се на въдицата. Не само в България (у нас с дребни суми 😉 ), но и по света.
Сигурно е така, щом продължават схемата от доста години.

Странното е, че при мен това е третото „предложение”. Имейлът ми с „le comte” ли „вдъхва доверие”, що ли, ама за 7-8 години три пъти „да те изберат” измежду стотици хиляди имейли… Май трябва да се почувствам горд, че съм им „влязъл в базата данни”! 😀

Първите две бяха от Нигерия, последното е с ново местоположение – Кот д’Ивоар. В основата си много не се различават – съвсем наивни истории, измислени без всякакво въображение. Характерна черта на нигерийския скам. И настоящето е такова, но се появил нов елемент – 20-годишно маце, което ще ти дойде на крака с милионите в сметката. 😉 Чудя се дали да не го разиграя на търг, а, batpep? И без това няма какво да го правя… 😀

Тоя имейл имаше едно неочаквано въздействие върху мен – повиши ми самочувствието на българин! Защото веднага се сетих за прясната история с „въдичарите”, които измъкнаха с рибарска корда и кука пари от тръба на банка.
Е, тях ги слагам по остроумие много класи над „наследниците на милиони”! 😀

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